• 5:37am Wednesday

Inspirational cards day 5

I'm thinking about that one... Now the next deck:

This is a big one for me. I have heard this from Louise since I first ran into her work in 1985 and it is just starting to make sense to me because I am starting to get it... And now the next deck:

At times it IS a little overwhelming when I realize how much God loves me... And now the last deck for today's thoughts:

This wasn't the last deck, one more to come...

Yesterday I was a little off during the day. The cleaning helped me I think. This is a good card for me today.

That is our cards for today. There will be more tomorrow if I can help it!

This is the cabinet I am talking about. I built it back when I lived in the apartment building in the inner city. I think I built this in 1985. Notice it matches the door? Serendipity. I always liked that color stain for pine, it is close to oak. It fit right into the space there too. Humm...

Let's see how the girls left it...

A lot of stuff that is not needed anymore... Jaimie and Stacy moved out years ago. I don't need a hair straightner or a lot of this stuff.

and now:

There, now I can see what is in there... I got a couple of thing for another cabinet in the house that has not been cleaned out since we moved in here...

There, this is a built-in cabinet going down to the basement, kind of a utility type cabinet. I just went through it and got this. I decided to paint this hallway. I will get paint and stuff today and start it so Phil "The Bull" can take over tomorrow.

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