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Inspirational cards day 6, top of the hour to you!

Good day!

Here is the first one:

I don't know what could be more astute... What is on peoples mind more than money -on the average over time... OK next deck:

Just doing those things are powerful. I know I am resisting healing on my left side lately. I am willing to let that go and the need for its condition... whatever it may be... Next deck:

It is truly alive. I use to hate to take care of my house, now I like it. I like when it is in good order. It is like the car that runs better when it is clean... Our next deck:

Just like money, someone's career is something people spend a lot of their time doing, it might as well be something they like. I had a bad attitude about work for many years. I think it is good for me now... Next deck:

This couldn't be truer.

I am adding a couple more decks to the mix to bring the total up to a nice spiritual number "7". One deck is small, I don't have many left of them but they are still good to think about every so often... The last deck I will show each day is "Sayings from a Course in Miracles" and there are 218 of these cards. I have been going thru them since the mid 80's when became aware of OCIM. It is an advanced form of thought, so keep an open mind -watch out for resistance.

next deck:

Pretty straight forward and I find this to be true for me no matter what happens. It is all for a learning. Now OCIM card:

There are 218 different cards to this deck. I tried to go thru them more than once each day by day. I don't think I ever made it yet. Let's giver the best shot this time.

Good day to you! See you tomorrow morning again...

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