• Friday, High Noon

Inspirational cards day 7, I am late from doing an all nighter project.

I started off around 8:30pm yesterday evening with some finishing of the brown coat I did the day before. Then the closet came into question and that changed everything. 16 hours later, I feel pretty good about it. I took my time, I am in no hurry and my back does not allow me to do things fast anyway. Let's do the cards:

This reminds me of a quote from Helen Keller,"Life is a either a grand adventure or nothing." I prefer the adventure. Next deck coming up:

Some situations I don't want to think I am being like that person is behaving but there is a reason for everything... Next deck:

I guess you get lost when you do it for someone else... Next deck:

Money in the bank... Next deck is up:

I was there with the all nighter last night, I just kept going and more was coming to me. Our newest addition:

It is safe to look within...

And now out CIM card:

OK, I will publish this and then open a new post on the cubby hole.

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