• Friday, 1:11 pm

The all nighter work project but I liked it

The last post had the before pic, I will put both here.

A tube or two of caulk and some paint... a lot easier on the eyes.

good place for a bread maker you don't ever use but that one time you want to.

There was an outlet way in the back corner so on my 3am run to Walmart, I picked this up. You can plug the breadmaker in...

looks bad, then for not much money, not as bad at all..

Now everything is neatly in place and easy to get to. My 19" mixing bowl on the left there. Below that Colleen has to have 5 gallons of various stuff on hand that she may or may never use... Sack of potatoes in the middle. Nice little cubby hole and now not that bad to look at passing by.

I bought some clear coat for the cabinet going down the stairs to the basement. I might just do that, let me check my list of things I got get done for the week...

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