• 7:24am Saturday

The utility cabinet got it after all

Top of the morning to you! I got some great sleep over night. I went out on my recliner about 10pm and I didn't get up til 4am! That is 6 hours! I can't remember the last time I slept 6 hours in a row was. That last run without sleep on that cubby hole project took me down. I was up over 2 days, and that is too much. I feel good now though.

Not much snow over night. They were calling for 3 to 5 inches, looks like about an inch from inside the window here. The weather channel is saying it will snow some more today. I got to get my mother cleaned off so she can get to her MRI appt this morning. I got a couple of think gs for her anyway. We are really getting along nice lately, better than in my whole life that I can remember.

I think I will head over there now after I post cabinet pics


I know, only a mother would know...



It is a shinny thing... Every 60 years or so, maintenance is due.

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