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Inspirational cards day 11, the first of the master numbers...

When adding numbers in numerology, master numbers cannot be added like normal numbers. They have to be kept together and at their full compound value til the end of the calculation. But for today's cards:

I need to become a Pivoting machine some days... This I want to definitely keep in mind. Next deck of cards:

That is simple enough to remember. Let's get to the next deck:

Let's hope things stay that was for me, so far so good(I can put together one day at a time everyday)... Next deck:

I think anyone who can say they can do these 2 cards are ready for some kind of great transformation. Our childhood families are probably the most difficult

life lesson we ever get as a human being. Growing up, we couldn't get away from it. We couldn't change them back when we couldn't even make the sound of one word, and no matter what we do, they will always be our family. So I say anyone making peace with their family is in a great position to enjoy a nice and powerful transformation in his/her life that is sure not to leave them the same as before. Next deck:

There was a time when I wanted other people to believe the same things as me so I could feel better about it. I don't like to do that anymore. I like to drop little sayings about what I believe when the situation is appropriate, otherwise, everyone already has their own belief system they are defending, I don't need the struggle. It IS best to know what is working for you and why. Once you got something that works for you, use it. Next deck:

This kind of vision effects everything you might do in a day. The world is seen differently. And now from A Course In Miracles card deck:

During the many times I have tried to go through these 225 card deck of ACIM sayings, a couple of times I made notes on them on a little of what was going on with me. This is one of them examples, kind of personal but this whole site is just that. I want to add one of my sayings I picked up not too long ago, "Resentment is a poison you take to try to kill someone else."

There we have the cards for today! Have a good day everyone, see you back in the morning if I have anything to do with it at all.

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