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New Cards Coming Soon!

7 new decks coming to the site within the next week. I will be doubling the size of the cards from 7 to 14 decks per day. This has gone from a mostly sleeping infant to a crawling around young toddler. At least it is more interesting now. Here are the deck covers from the amazon web site.

that's 1

That's 2

I can't read it, this makes 3

I am not quite sure how these work, this makes 4

I am already using this deck, I purchased this one for my mother I am guessing...

This one looks very interesting. this makes 5.

That makes 6 new decks for a total of 13, the number of regeneration and change. Often times something must come to an end -die for something new and better to start up bigger and better than ever... Be watching for them!

Dave the house mechanic/handyman knows I have this site he knows I have put his pic and info on it but I don't think he has ever looked at it. I am going to show his Christmas presents:

Just the pouch, not all them tools. He could really use this. He keeps all his tools in his pockets and around him. I hope I can convince him to use this. I got a belt to go with it, it cost more than the pouch.

It goes from 29" to 46", so I think Dave can use it. It is a nice belt. Maybe he has all this stuff already... I can return it to amazon up to a month later. This looks like it would be a nice support belt all the way around only I think I am around more than 46"... Oh well, I wouldn't use it that much anyway. I am getting a pouch though, I can put that on my regular belt when I want to do a little project. You might as well enjoy it as much as possible.

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