• 6:02 PM Wednesday

One more spice makes 3

I decided to order 9 more canisters for the 4 ounces of thyme I had. That means I will be giving away 3 spices away for Christmas.

The same old routine, label and fill them... Now I am done with them, I have my tub routine to do and make dinner. What to do tonight. I have been spending $20.00 a day a fuel, kind of on the expensive side if i do that for the month.

My computer monitor died this morning... I had to go down to Best Buy and get a new one. This one is a 24" and a LED which is brighter than the last one. I like that. Less glare from the window too. The price came to some master numbers: $166.99. I lot of master numbers have been showing up around me lately. I think I will go grocery shopping tonight, I need some banana's... Well, shredded brussel sprouts for dinner tonight. Light coating of melted butter tossed on them, spread out on a baking pan and baked at 400 until just done and starting to get crispy. I never tried it, just an idea...

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