• Christmas eve 9:13 pm

I spent the day in the basement cleaning again...

The laundry room was standing out like a sore thumb, I had to do something about it. All the paint is stored down there and the staircase project was connected to it. This is what I got done today...

That was way early, we are talking PM, but here is a look at the coat of paint on the stairs and handrail.

I cleaned all the pipes on the walls and overhead, they were very heavy with lint.

I cleaned up this whole end of the room: sink, cat litter, closet, hot water tank, paint closet, ironing board... a lot going on here...

I love bar keepers stuff, it works wonders..

solent and paint storage.

I put all the brushes and stuff in a box away from the paint. Now I can see what I got on hand.

The plumbing on the walls and overhead was heavy with lint. I got that out.

I am wondering if I got some yellow left over from 30 years ago... for the back splash here... Another project?

I cleaned up this end of the house. The wall to the left of the corner was getting wet for some time from leaking gutters. I scrapped down the loose stuff and I think it will be alright structurally. The paint I brought from River St 30 years ago is down to the right here.... Time to look soon...

Emergency bed, just the cats for now. How about ya yellow paint/.LN/ ?

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