• 6:33pm Thursday

I am going to move forward on finishing the basement

Since I am working down there, I might as well get everything in good shape. I am going to clean and paint all the floors and footings. This area where it runs behind the stair case and Hot water tank will be looking ship shape. I like a good looking utility room.

This oil tank and pump are not in service at the time but both are in working order. The house is heated with natural gas piped in from National Grid and we are on city water and sewer connected with the Troy City supply.

A wall is going to be built on this side of the oil tank and across the distance between the two walls. There will be a door on the wall about midway and louvers somewhere to allow for air flow to the furnace. This carpet will have to go.

I created plenty of light tonight with just a couple of extension cords, adapters and LED light bulbs.

Here is what the other half of the basement looks like after a few days/nights work:

I got a good coat of primer and 2 coats of concrete paint (blue) on to the walls and floors where needed. I like having a clear passage to the electric panel.

A little red accents for the hot water heater. That paint is 30 years old and I had the brushes and all... Why not. The shelves came in handy to organize the paint cans in the small closet near the HW tank.

This is the little cubby room where the main water supply comes in the house out of the ground to a valve then the water meter. God bless the guy who got in there and did that. I painted the pipe coming out of the sump pump red mostly because I don't have a regular paint can to store what I have left, I have it in a tupperware type of container that gives it skins within a few days. Because we have a radon reduction system working, we have to keep the slap air tight. The viewing port is to see if everything is working well.?

The sink, washer and dryer all working well. There is the container of red paint I have...

I put a light in the closet and other areas that needed it. That bulb is only using 11watts of power... I really like the job the radon reduction system guy did. Really nice work well done..

Things will be so nice and neat when everything is done and easy to clean because it is painted.

The "stuff" level is getting down there a little at a time.

About time for the evening tub routine. Time to get going.

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