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Peppers, Onions and Steak cook off

I got a deal on some sweet red peppers, about a dollar a pound and there is room in my freezer so here we go:

45 peppers, 15 large sweet onions or whatever is on sale.

2 heads of celery

(3) 2 pound servings of shaved pup steaks -bought on sale if you can...

basic Jannicelli cooking spices and coconuts oil.

good knife, sharpening rod and large mixing bowl.

Your choice of good music in the background...

Place meat in a deep pan on medium heat in about 6 to 8 ounces of Coconut oil. Using 2 spatulas, break apart the meat into smaller pieces so it goes all around the recipe when you mix it up later. The meat will heat up while you are doing this.

When seasoning, spread your meat out and go for a color change like I did here. Do one seasoning at a time and mix it in. The oil will be taken up. This is garlic powder.

This is mixed in...

Now a color change with Cajun seasoning, yea, go for it.

Then plenty of Italian seasoning. This one I put the black pepper in with. After this, there will be no free oil. Set aside meat and ready the vegetables.

Rough cut all the vegetables. The onions will break up when you mix them in the bowl.

Once you get all the veges cut up and you did all your seasoning color changes and mixes, add the meat in and mix once more.

Just enough to fit into 2 roasting pans that are just big enough to fill up the oven shelf.

Bake at a preheated 400 degree oven for about 50 minutes. Do this 2 more times for the amount of food I have here today. Makes about 12 to 15 (12.5 oz) containers for freezing each batch.

I got 8 and almost 9 out of those 2 pans. They cooked down quite a bit.

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