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Sweet Red Peppers for $1. 49/lb. I'm on It.

Well, It happen again, sweet red peppers on sale and I got room in my freezer so I went out and bought 45 of them to make up 3 batches of peppers, onions, celery and shaved pub steak. I have not got tired of eating it so far just about every day.

Let's make a batch:

For a batch of 15 peppers you need a big mixing bowl, this is a 19" one I got on Amazon for I think 16 bucks. The key is having a place to keep it when you are not using it. I happen to do. I will be cooking up 2 pounds of pub steak, so you need a deep pan. The "red copper" pan I like very much. It is a little bigger than the "Copper chef", I have had both. They both perform well but the red copper is less expensive, at least when I bought it the end of last year.

I can't stress a good sharp knife enough. I did not get a good one until about a year ago when I spent a fair amount of money on it but I think a good value for what I got. This is a Japanese 67 layer blade. Can you believe 67 layers of steel was pounded together to give it the hardness it has to keep an edge the way it does. I don't know how they can sell it for about $125.00, but I think it is worth it. It is a pleasure to use.

These are the spices I use, and a little more salt -the Cajun has some salt in it already. I use about 8 ounces of coconut oil for a batch of meat. It is good for you and it gives flavor and someplace for the spices to grab hold of.

I use about 5 pounds of onions, these were $1.29/lb, good for sweet onions.

Cut up the meat into smaller pieces, cook over medium heat and when seasoning, do one at a time and go for a color change, then mix in. Set aside.

wash peppers and celery, let drain.

Ruff chop peppers and onions and season all like the meat, mix in the meat, pan.

Into a preheated 400 degree oven for 45 mins.

Take out when time is up, put on racks.

I use 12.5 oz. containers, I got over 13 out of this batch.

I will put 30 in the door and the rest inside, they won't last the week.

Got plenty of peppers standing by should I need them... I like it so far and I don't use a lot of meat and it is mostly vegetables. That ham is a waste in there... It's going if I need the room.

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