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Vania sent me a letter from Bolivia

Vania is one of my ChildFund kids I sponsor. I have known her since the summer of 2009 when I first sponsored her. I had just quit smoking cigarettes (yes forever this time) and I wanted to do something good with the money I was wasting on them. So I sponsored 2 kids on Childfund, the other on is in Kenya, a boy named Joseph. I send them a letter when I hear from them or it is their birthday or Christmas. Those 2 are my original ones, I got 5 more sponsored kids last year when I decided to let the drinking of alcohol go out of my life. I will be celebrating 1 year free of that coming up this February 10th. I don't miss that stuff and I don't have any desire to go back to it. There is nothing appealing about the way I was drinking towards the end of my career I had with it. I could have sponsored more than 5 kids with the money I was spending on drinking but I decided on having 7 kids, 7 being the spiritual number and all. I give monthly contributions to other charities too, I try to give 10% of my income to charity but last year it was quite a bit more than that because I gave something to everyone that asked me for a donation. I got to keep it to 10% this year. Well, I think I will send that letter to Vania now.


I thought I would put up pics of all my ChildFund Kids:

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